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ZKTeco, a global leader in biometrics and security technology, today announced that Brightec Time has integrated its latest SLK20M – fingerprint sensor into their innovative terminal l TS3807, said Dirk Lüders, Global Partnership Director at Brightec Time

“The TS3807 is a perfect solution for companies or suppliers of WFM solutions that require a reliable combination of fingerprint ID integrated and quality terminals. Brightec Time technology is really one of the most preferred options available ..

“There is a rising global demand for smarter and safer ways to identify people. Biometric technology pushes the boundaries of this arena and consolidates increased security with unparalleled convenience. Brightec Timeembraces this development and sees the SLK20 integration as a most valuable extension of their proposal. We are very happy and proud that we are a Brightec Time Biometrics Partner. “

Said Fernando Ducay, CEO of ZKTeco Europa.

Both Brightec Time and ZKTeco EU are strongly committed to maintaining this partnership and look forward to the future development.

Om ZKTeco Europe

ZKTeco is a multinational company specializing in the production and development of advanced CCTV, Time & Attendance and Access Control technology. With over 30 years of experience in the global market, ZKTeco benefits from a highly qualified team of over 3500 employees worldwide and its own manufacturing facilities, which, together with its R&D and technology departments, ensure complete in-house production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware and software. ZKTeco is one of the pioneers in multibiometric and RFID technology and its products are found worldwide, with over 180 million users worldwide.

About Brightec Time

Since 1999, TimeTerminal Sweden has designed, constructed and manufactured top-class terminals specifically used with advanced cloud-based web apps for Workforce Management, time and attendance & salaries. Their innovative ideas led to the early use of touch screen technology for simple and visual increase in use for these applications.

In the day-to-day operations of companies within government, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics, our mission is simple – to make WFM web applications work and look fantastic.

For more information visit www.brightectime.com and follow Brightec Time on LinkedIn here.