WFM background and benefits

What intelligence can a Workforce Management (WFM) application generate using a Terminal ?

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Employers today need to have a precise view of their workforce planning to optimise scheduling, cost control, payroll obligations and liquidity.
This involves considerable amounts of dynamic data being collected and presented in various user-friendly and format-ready diagrams or charts

Historically one of the most reliable and accurate methods of such data collection is using a terminal* to provide real-time employee attendance data.

(*Placed at main entrances, terminals provide an important interface to every member of staff therefore avoiding the reliance, need & cost to provide them a desktop, laptop or mobile phone)

Using terminals for data capture and the ability to share it directly with cloud based Workforce Management or Payroll apps significantly lightens the workload of any admin by increasing accurate information based planning which in turn cuts back on associated admin costs.


Example of a partner WFM home screen. ©Flex applications.

In addition to the above, many WFM solutions can be provided by HR applications with employee information concerning their skills & training, but also their wellness. (including sobriety issues identifiable via Terminal connected alcohol breath-screeners )


Some of the many benefits:

  • Automating time and attendance admin
  • Smart algorithm based rules based pay codes for overtime, breaks
  • Accurate payroll data
  • Automated absence control supporting decision making protocols
  • Cost centre or project definitions
  • Reduced Administration workload
  • Optional modules for scheduling, workflow, communication & travel.
  • Compliant to regulatory work time rules
  • Paperless
  • Flexible SaaS subscription

But depending on the WFM application being used, a Terminal can also retrieve data to calculate and action the below critical information.

  • Log and calculate in/out day or shift attendance, accounting for either paid or unpaid breaks
  • Set weekend, public holiday, calendar cross-over or night shift adjustments
  • Ability to amend, remove or correct logging events.
  • Flag exceptions ie: unauthorised absence, delayed start
  • Entitlement approval rules
  • The tracking of Approval or Denial for day off or holiday requests
  • Assign as paid or unpaid.
  • Codes defined by group, department, subsidiary
  • New employee addition, payroll or ID number, start/finish dates, contacts, next of kin
  • Setting-up, amendment & removal of employee hourly pay & working hours
  • Form customised employee task/department/region/skills/location/subsidiary groups.
  • Management level authorisation ie: access to confidential information, pay rates etc
  • Create shift hours, group, patterns
  • Flexibility to define overtime rates as multiples of basic pay, within time bands, accruals, exceptions
  • Allocate periods or bands of overtime.
  • Pattern detection of below minimum working hours, late starting, early finish, extended breaks.
  • Shareable reporting & notifications ie: lateness, deviations
  • Definitions for rounding intervals and maximum grace periods.
  • Customisable reports filterable by employee, dates, range, department, subsidiary, location
  • Hours analysis including totals to date, forecasted, overtime and more
  • Exportable uploadable data.
  • Real time Emergency Roll-call
  • Terminal On Screen Self Service for employees ability to request holiday, day/time off, send/receive direct messages, hours worked, shift instructions, training.
  • Secure and anti-fraud employee logging-in identification using fob, card, alphanumeric code, biometric , facial recognition.


What else to look for in terminal connected Workforce apps.


Everything is planned & rostered to cope with customer service, demand, efficiency and productivity. But unplanned absenteeism can quickly upset those good intentions. A WFM solution can identify gaps, provide real time alerts and suggest contingency plans for Management to resolve such issues.

Absence Rights

Rights of absence can be set based on a number of factors whether departmental, geographical public holidays, religious, maternity or paternity leave eg: multiple calendars for multiple reasons. However if these rights of absence are abused then management are flagged to take corrective action or follow disciplinary guidelines.

Authorised Absences

Adapting user friendly and intuitive on-screen flows, appointments at the doctor, hospital or vacation requests, days off or even parental leave can be rule defined, pre-set and coded into the system therefore making on screen requests user friendly. Once requested, the WFM system checks, approves or signals in case of exceeding limitations.

Disciplinary guidelines

Some WFM solutions provide businesses the ability to define work rules and escalation processes in case of continuing absence. Starting with setting up lateness ‘grace’ periods followed by repetition alerts and suitable courses of action governed by company policy, employment legislation or union agreements.

Health and Safety

Wellness, as well as health & safety, is playing an increasing role in ensuring employee quality of work and life. Look out for rest period, breaks and overall working time solutions within WFM to support union agreements and regulatory requirements.
Software & hardware options are also available supporting the safety of individual employees, their colleagues as well as corporate liability in the event of one time or consistent alcohol misuse.

Flexible Working

Flexible employment in the form of flexi-time, part-time, seasonal, home-office and the advent of “gig” workers requires a system to follow defined business rules. Such an implementation leads to having a powerful resource management tool in the form of scheduling and rosters which can create greater cost savings allied to improved productivity. Companies with such a mix of employment levels benefit from a balance of employee job satisfaction managed by algorithmic systems corresponding to planning, agreed working hours and fair wage settlement.

The above is not a complete list of what a good web WFM solution should offer, but once you’ve chosen one* that suits your business, we’ll make it work for you even better.

“Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware” Ken Olsen

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