“We needed a modern, robust and reliable terminal”


  • Ensuring a fast On Screen web experience the TimeSpot® 38/7 uses a powerful Quad core Cortex A53 64bit ARM CPU.
  • Memory 2GB DDR3 RAM & 8GB eMMC Flash.
  • Advanced 7” Colour Touch Screen TFT for clear navigation including extended angle reading.
  • 1024 x 600px WSVGA for sharp resolution.
  • Accurate and fast capacitive touch screen avoids clumsy keypad buttons.
  • Real time on board data storage. Secure from power or internet loss
  • Multiple ID options incl RFID, barcode, smartcard, biometric.
  • Simple and fast placement.
  • Linux license-free OS with highest security level in kiosk mode, using non-writable filesystem. No URL tampering.
  • Lifetime Linux firmware support & updates subject to support agreement.
  • Made from sustainable eco friendly materials. (no petroleum based low heat resistant ABS plastic casing)
  • Extended Administrator interface.
  • Recommended operational cold and heat resistant from 0 to 40℃.
  • Low power 5VDC
  • Optional integrated Sobriety/alcohol tester
  • Optional choices of Cloud Time & Attendance or WFM solutions
  • Avoid being locked into one solution. With TimeSpot38/7 you have the freedom to choose all cloud-based web WFM, HRM, MES or payroll application
  • Choose this compact size to fit your business environment; whether industry, logistics, retail , healthcare, hospitality, public service or government
  • 7″ screen size providing WFM solutions generous space for clear & easy-to-use functionality
  • Our Linux platform terminals are designed, manufactured and calibrated in Sweden – home to some of the world’s most innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Focused on using sustainable materials with casing made from anodised aluminium (We do not use low heat resistant petroleum ABS plastic casing)
  • Easy to use button-free terminals with Tap and Type touch screen technology
  • Modern, yet built to best-in-class robust standards for long term use 24 / 7 / 365
  • Choose your most appropriate web communication. 4G, Wifi or ethernet. In future via 5G
  • Designed to be off-the-shelf or logo customisable to promote your brand
  • Whatever level of employee identification fits your needs – whether code, fob, swipe, proximity card or biometric – we can integrate them
  • With 24/7 logistics from Sweden to anywhere in Europe, deliveries are trackable
  • Making web enabled Workforce management, Payroll or MES apps work even better for you
  • RFID Fob, Proximity or Swipe cards using EM, Mifare or Legic & HID coming soon.
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • WLAN 802.11ac/a/b/g/n and MIMO antenna technique.
  • PoE
  • GSM GPRS quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz LTE
  • USB HID for RFID and barcode scanners
  • Speaker + Audio for enrollment instructions & confirmation.
  • Camera (Profile registration ID)
    • OS
    • CPU
Quad Core Cortex™ A53 1.5GHz 64bit ARMv8 processor
    • GPU
Mali™ 450
    • RAM
    • Flash
8 GB eMMc
    • LAN
    • Comm
    • USB
2.0 x 1 for HID devices (optional)
    • Power
    • Dimensions
W 122mm H 230mm D 47mm
    • Casing
Brushed anodized aluminium
    • Protection
Class IP54
    • Screen
Color TFT Capacitive strengthened touch screen glass
    • Adjustable
Colour, contrast,
    • Resolution
1024 * 600px
    • Buffer
Support for offline storage

Brightec Time reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.

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