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For the past 20 years, large enterprises have been using our terminals in combination with sophisticated cloud based Workforce Management (WFM) solutions to manage and monitor employees productivity, to calculate intricate rota scheduling and solve a multitude of other back office, hr, accounting and payroll needs.

But what about smaller companies who don’t need or can’t afford full blown WFM solutions ?

As the producer of web based terminals, we’re often approached by smaller businesses with aspirations to grow but who today simply need to keep staffing levels optimised and flexible, monitor employees correct pay, manage their holidays or sick days while simultaneously track productivity.

To support them we developed “ Klocka

Klocka (the Swedish word for clock) is a modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) which when used with terminals, desktop, or mobile can in real time oversee employees attendance and the resulting pay. This makes remuneration transparent and fair so avoiding the friction caused around the question of pay between employees and management. Not only that, but it also provides the business with the data to calculate cash flow as well as saving time and money in processing the admin chain. For any small business these software assets are hugely beneficial.

To help amortise Klocka’s value, it’s especially designed for multiple users; whether employees, admin or management. The cost is therefore diffused amongst many and as it securely sits in the Cloud (in the EU) it’s accessible to whoever you designate the access rights – wherever, whenever.


One of today’s industrial challenges is how to help save our ecosystem and being a Swedish company we’re also mindful of the environment.

Therefore despite having an abundance of forest and hydroelectric power in Sweden, using Klocka reduces the need for paper as information is stored and accessible 24/7 online to you and/or your connected payroll partner. Additionally, our terminals will have APD (automatic power down) meaning low power or sleep mode settings to keep electricity costs minimized and help extend component lifetime. (2020)

Finally; to maintain our Nordic ‘eco friendly’ credentials, unlike other terminal casings made from low heat-resistant petroleum based ABS plastics, our casings are produced from 100% sustainable glass and robust aluminium.

For many businesses, using a Time & Attendance web app is the first step in ensuring both they and their employees accurately get the right pay for the right amount of work.

To do that it’s important to know precisely when their staff arrived, had lunch, worked overtime and when they left. But other businesses might need deeper levels of information such as matching accurate staffing with fluctuating demand, stop/starting specific projects, overtime, absenteeism, workflow and a whole lot more.

To take advantage of that valuable data, it’s also possible to choose a Timespot Terminal connected to a Cloud based Workforce Management solution that either includes or directly links to a Payroll service.

However if today you only need that first step of Time & Attendance, then implementing the combination of a Timespot terminal with the Klocka web app could be the ideal start for you.

Using the Timespot’s touch screen to access the Klocka interface you have a fast and intuitive way of providing real time clocking data that’s transferable to most Payroll services. For small to mid sized businesses this combination makes for a perfect entry level and cost effective solution.

But another important cloud benefit is that in the future when your business grows to the point of needing a complex WFM solution, then many such web solutions can be accessed from your Timespot Terminal making use of it for many more years to come increasing your initial ROI even more.

To get an insight what Klocka© provides, the below are screenshots from our 7” Touch Screen Timespot terminal.

If you think Klocka© could be a beneficial solution for you, send us the below contact form to arrange an introduction chat or online demo.

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