The 2021 Brightec terminals with Planday Punch Clock

planday_screenThe Brightec TS3807 terminals are pre-configured to easily connect with your Planday web portal for real time user friendly employee interaction generating accurate payroll data, project, shift, schedule or absence planning, messaging and more.

These are Smart terminals located at your business points-of-entry and so accessible for all relevant employees.

Quality engineered for use 24/7/365, these terminals are pre-installed for Planday Punch Clock.

Produced in Sweden with a full colour interactive touch screen plus options for employee authentication and internet connectivity. Robust, modern and cloud connected.


The combination of using terminals from Brightec Time Sweden together with Planday is a good solution that enables the collaboration between both stable and flexible hardware and an innovative software. We look forward to many more years with this solution from both parties.
Casper Ödeen, Power International Logistics

Savings in time and money

Terminal values

Ensures employees punch in at the right place, at the right (recorded) time.

No more post-dated punching in, inaccuracy & over payment.

A terminal is fixed to one location. Prevents premature or early clocking-in.

Gone are the days of punch cards, paperwork & inefficiency.

Independent hardware. Avoids a reliance on mobile or desktop.

TS3807 is the ultimate in cloud connected terminal technology.


YES. During first year of ownership, warranty is included. Thereafter a selection of services are available. Contact Brightec for more info.

YES, we offer various options. Contact your Planday representative or us for more info.

YES. The terminal comes with a wall mount but can also be placed on a desk mount if more convenient.

YES. They are tested by Planday solution developers for compatibility and compliance with the Punch Clock module.

YES, there are options (absence codes) to register their lateness.

The terminal is pre-configured so at the point of installation it needs only an internet connection and it will automatically direct to your portal

Contact your Planday representative or contact us directly using the below form.

NO. The reader uses only feature points of the finger to provide identification and matching of the features, not the complete fingerprint.

Hardware specification*

    • OS:
    • CPU:
Quad Core Cortex™ A53 1.5GHz 64bit ARMv8 processor
    • GPU:
Mali™ 450
    • RAM:
    • Flash:
8 GB eMMc
    • LAN:
10/100/1000Mbps (options for WiFi & 4G)
    • Comm:
    • USB:
2.0 x 1 for HID devices (optional)
    • Power:
5VDC (options for PoE Splitter & Injectors)
    • Dimensions:
W 122mm H 230mm D 47mm
    • Casing:
Brushed anodized aluminium
    • Protection:
Class IP54
    • Screen:
Color TFT Capacitive strengthened touch screen glass
    • Adjustable:
Colour, contrast,
    • Resolution:
600 * 1024px
    • Identification:
Pin nr, RFID cards or keyring tags/fobs, biometric finger or facial authentication
    • Locations:
Business entrance point. Consider also rest or changing rooms, employee restaurants or canteens, individual project rooms, warehouses, wards or production buildings.

*Brightec Time reserve the right to change products and specifications at any time without notice. Images may or may not include optional equipment.

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