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As part of the development work that we in the B.R.A Group have carried out with incorporation and new acquisitions, we have in 2019 and 2020 worked to clarify and strengthen our brand. The goal has been to create greater unity in the group, a stronger sense of belonging where we really benefit from each other’s strengths and to have a name that works internationally. We have taken our starting point in who we are and our values, which are extremely important to us, and we have landed in a new name: Brightec.

In our logo there is a star, which symbolizes our values, which in everything we do, should be our guiding star. You can also see it as a plus, as we are driven by providing added value to our customers and partners.

Brightec will be our new name for our group and will change from

B.R.A Maskiner to Brightec Production AB
B.R.A Security to Brightec Security AB
Time Terminal Sweden to Brightec Time AB