The Klocka App & Cloud Authentication Service license

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Almost every WFM provider has a clocking-in mobile app. It’s become a basic commodity. But what happens when their customers need terminals; professionally robust terminals with a cloud application managing not only on-site enrollment, but also with sophisticated employee identification, real time syncing to the backend, to other terminals or mobile and desktop ?

The Klocka Application has been especially developed to meet the needs of cloud Workforce Management providers for a white label Time & Attendance application supporting employee identification; such as RFID cards, fobs and tags and/or Biometric Fingerprint Touch ID and touchless Facial authentication.

Pre-installed to work seamlessly with plug ‘n’ play terminals (example shown) the Klocka white label application produces precise real time employee data from clocking in & out, breaks, absence codes and much more.

Using dedicated servers, RFID and Biometric data is securely stored and synchronised with the WFM partner’s own backend using their APIs to generate data for algorithmic modules; such as business critical payroll, performance, scheduling, task management and other powerful business intelligence.

What makes Klocka special

Terminals for T&A play an important part of any Workforce portfolio, providing them with an incremental source of recurring revenue, boosting sales conversion and retaining customer engagement.

However until now, cloud WFM providers have struggled to find a reliable solution offering web enabled terminals hosting a T&A App integrated with their API for enrollment, identification and synchronization.

Suitable for small to large enterprise customers, a Klocka integrated terminal can be synched not only with multiple terminals in the same building, city, country or indeed anywhere globally, but also with mobile or desktop reporting. Klocka therefore widens the employees ability to ‘Clock-in here -> Clock-out there’.

Terminal transactions are instant and in real time, however even during possible internet downtimes, transactions can be recorded offline in the terminal for synching to the server on reconnection.

The ‘Built 4 Business’ terminals shown are engineered to operate 24 / 7 / 365 yet for peace of mind, the application software, authentication service and terminal hardware (including RFID/Biometric readers) include options for worldwide Support & Warranty*

Brand retention.

Whether the WFM providers, their customers or for both, the User Interface branding can promote an individual look & feel by including valuable corporate identities with the use of logos and colour pantones.

How does Klocka work ?

Terminal registration, management and employee identification is carried out by the Brightec Time Authentication Cloud Service. The service administers all terminals in the network to sync and securely authenticate identification modes (either RFID and/or Biometric)
In conjunction with the partner API, the user transactions (eg: clocking-in) are sent in real-time to the partner data center/server.

To support critical day to day maintenance, a Status Monitor is provided to retrieve the real time connectivity status between terminals and the Authentication server, access recent sync times and check the WFM partners API response status.

WFM Partner license fee

A) Klocka app + RFID tag/fob/card cloud authentication service

£6.5, €7, $7.5, 79 kr per month per terminal

B) Klocka app + RFID tag/fob/card + Biometric Fingerprint TouchID authentication service

£12, €14, $16, 159 kr per month per terminal

    • Up to 10,000 users per customer
    • Unlimited number of terminals per customer
    • Licensed & Invoiced to the WFM Partner upon Klocka activation at their end customer.
    • Payable annually in advance
    • Software Support & Maintenance included during usage lifetime
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • *See terms & conditions

    For further information contact: info@brightecgroup.com

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