“KLOCKA” for staffing agencies

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As an Agency that’s deploying consultants, part-timers, seasonal or gig workers, to know they turned up on time, stayed as long as agreed and then claim the correct amount of hourly pay; how do you manage all that ?

One solution might be to use a mobile app with GPS locator which the employee uses for clocking-in. Based on the data it generates, you can calculate and justify the hourly fee or wage.

But are you prepared to invest in designing iOS and Android native apps, getting app store approvals, updates every time a new OS version is released ? Would you go so far as buying them a ‘work’ phone ? Or have you considered that the employee might not want it on their private phone and maybe objecting to it being “an invasion of my privacy”

So what’s a reasonable solution ?

One option is to use a small, sturdy and smart terminal, located at your customers premises which connects the employee, your admin and/or your payroll partner all through one cloud solution.

That terminal could be our aluminium cased 7” model which includes a glass capacitive tap & type touch screen connected to the web via wifi, 4G or ethernet. It’s user friendly and intuitive for your employees who, on arrival at your client, simply log-in using the virtual keyboard to tap & type their ID code or swipe with an RFID card or for a higher level of ID security, use their finger or face as biometric recognition.

The terminal needs only power & an internet connection to store all the stamping data accessible from the web based admin dashboard to produce pay slips, cross reference invoices, manage cash flow, tax and insurance dues. It can even generate email notifications in case of late arrival, no show or early departure.

The Terminal is pre-configured and locked (file protected & kiosk mode) to the chosen T&A or WFM web URL.

The Terminal installation is Plug n Play meaning it’s light enough to hang up using two screws or stand it up on the reception desk. Using ethernet, connect to the office network or via their internal or guest Wifi. Alternatively it can use a unique 3G or 4G sim card signal.

User case example

The Klocka software is flexible to generate reports based on location, department, project or more. You can decide and define the filters. eg: you send 10 developers to a large solution company. 5 of them are needed in Silicon Valley, 3 in London and 2 in Berlin.

Despite being in different locations, 4 are working on a project deployment for Germany, 3 for China and 3 for Brazil. The Departments needing the developers are Accounts, Support and Logistics. Klocka could breakdown hours worked and therefore the relevant cost centres to be invoiced.

If you think the combination of a compact terminal & the Klocka web app would improve your Agency business let us know.

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