Brightec Time Personal Data Management (GDPR)

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At Brightec Time  personal data is retained to a limited extent and a use that can only be seen as a legitimate use, as long as they are required for Brightec Time to be effective in its actions towards its customers, potential customers, suppliers and employees.
There is nothing in the personal data that can be considered sensitive and which has been provided to Brightec Time in situations requiring contact information to the person in order for Brightec Time to provide the expected service requested.
The following groups of personal data are available within Brightec Time:


In general it is a name with associated their contact information collected by BT to provide an expected service or contractual obligation.

Delivery of products

When ordering products, information associated with a person is required for these products to be distributed to the customer.
The information is name, business name, phone number, and e-mail address.

Service and Support

When the customer reports a case on the RMA form, contact details are provided to the notifying person. The information provided is the name, phone number, business and e-mail address. When the customer completes the RMA form, they shall consent to the storage of personal data.

Reference on invoices

In order for invoices to be paid by the customer, there must be a name, business address & contact for reference.


The contacts at re-sellers are in a central contact list and consent has been obtained. In cases where any other person at a re-sellers contacts, that personal data will not be stored.

Brightec Time Employees

BT employees data is collected for normal business routines and contractual obligations between employee and employer. Within BT there is an attendance register containing pictures of employees which can be regarded as non-essential personal information. These images are in the registry because they are used in an internal system that shows how BT’s own products can be used. For all existing employees, a consent form has been prepared for approval signature.

Person information with the DisplayOnline system

Within the DisplayOnline business area, personal data is linked to properties that use the system’s functionality. The information in this case is name, e-mail address, telephone and address.
However, it is BT’s customer who is responsible for personal data, which means that BT signs a personal data contract with the customer or re-seller.

Responsibility for personal data management

Within BT, the management consists of the CEO who is responsible for ensuring that these routines are complied with and, if necessary, revised.
All BT staff at the time of GDPR enforcement have been informed of these directives and kept regularly informed in case of changes.

Information Disclosure

If any person wishes information regards the BT registry contents pertaining to them self, a written request must be sent by post to Brightec Time*, which contains the name, business e-mail, home address and social security number, ID or Passport number of the person requesting.
Based on that request, BT will respond by mail, listing what information has been stored. After the information has been sent to the recipient, the request is cancelled.

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