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Our aim has always been to make a difference with products and solutions that are “plug & play” meaning simple to install, connect and use with no hidden surprises or unexpected costs. Below are a few answers to some common questions.

  • Without any additional set-up costs or installation fees, Klocka software can be pre-loaded into your Timespot terminal(s)
  • When your Timespot is delivered simply follow the step-by-step Guide to set up management entitlement and access rights to both Klocka© data and/or your Timespot Terminal dashboard to monitor, maintain and manage it’s everyday usage.
  • Then follow the instructions to begin the employee enrollment process.
  • Various methods are used for employees to ‘clock-in’ including codes, rfid fobs and cards however the use of biometric fingerprinting is in some countries more popular. The fingerprint is scanned and encoded thereafter only the binary code is stored ready for future matching. To ensure privacy, no images of the fingerprint are stored either on the terminal or the cloud database. Using biometric fingerprint recognition avoids the potential for the fraudulent sharing of codes, fobs or cards.
  • Any live cloud service relies on internet access, therefore to maintain a constant connection, a combination of ethernet or WiFi + 4G is used.
  • Even with a loss of Internet connection, clocking-in data is stored on the terminal and then sent to the server upon re-connection.
  • If there is a power supply issue, then there is likely no ethernet or Wifi connection
  • Klocka© is a web application securely hosted in the EU. All Klocka© licences are included in the subscription price (SaaS).
  • Once the service is terminated historical data is transferred over to you.
  • Connected to servers in the EU, subscribers data is uploaded in real time using unlimited storage