EU Directive on the registration of working hours

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The European Court of Justice directs that Member states

“must require employers to set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured.”*

It went on to say

“The objective and reliable determination of the number of hours worked each day and each week is essential in order to establish whether the maximum weekly working time– including overtime – and minimum daily and weekly rest periods have been complied with.”

If you’re located in the EU or the United Kingdom** is your business adhering to this ?
And if you’re a WFM solution provider are your customers or new leads even aware of this ?

Either way, one of the simplest options for a “reliable and accessible system” is using a web enabled terminal that registers employees time and attendance. For just that purpose we’ve designed our TS3807 terminal to be small, compact and built for reliable operations 24/7/365 You can also opt for our Swedish designed ‘Klocka’ T&A solution that’s clear, intuitive and a pleasure to use. Combine the two and you’ll be directive compliant.

TS3807 from Brightec Time using Klocka T&A cloud software.

Alternatively our terminal can be pre-loaded with most good 3rd party web based Workforce Management solutions that may offer additional modules for scheduling, HR or payroll.

The choice is yours.

Whatever your interest, Brightec Time can support you with the terminals, entry level Time&Attendance software or partners providing full WFM solutions.

* EU Directive
**who, after Brexit, may decide to maintain the same ruling.

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