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With only a few days remaining to this year approaching its end,today is my last working day for 2018.
For Brightec Time it’s been an exciting year in so many ways.
The re-organisation settled down bringing fresh impetus, ideas and creativity while during the second half deliveries started of our brand new terminal family; TimeSpot® 38. We are delighted this new range received such a positive response from our local and international resellers choosing it to provide their customers with the right solution to their critical business needs.

Additionally, our new Residential Display Network business also began to take off as companies value having a solution to their many everyday issues.

With an approximate YoY 30% volume increase, we are genuinely excited what 2019 will bring with new partnerships, opportunities and markets.

It only remains for me to wish everyone in our network a very Happy and prosperous New Year.

Benny Flodkvist
Deputy CEO
Brightec Time