Do you think of yourself as socially confident enough to easily make friends with your community, campus, apartment block or retirement home neighbours ?

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If so, good for you !

But not everybody’s quite so outgoing.

To therefore encourage a greater sense of community with more interaction, a better flow of local information and a convenient way of sharing facilities or services; we developed ‘Affinium’.

Affinium is a family of digital hardware that brings together touch screen terminals, kiosks, access points and digital signage all working together as one real-time interactive hub. Even for those who are ‘on-the-go’, the hub is accessible 24/7 via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

In a nutshell what Affinium does is solve the problem of merging community networking with the sharing of on-site services, securing access rights to any of the facilities along with handing building or Facility Management the ability to save major costs.

That cost saving is carried out by combining essential monitoring & system maintenance from a single dashboard whether in the local back office or miles away at the property management HQ.

In true Nordic style, on screen interfaces are clear, concise and intuitive to use. They are especially designed to easily reserve, book and then securely access the shared common facilities or services.

ROI. Part of the functionality provided could be your own branded webshop filled with 3rd party services through which anything from hairdressing, shopping, dry cleaning or wellness can be booked and paid for – providing new valuable revenue streams.

From booking the guest suite, laundry room, accessing the gym, private parking, re-cycling room or looking up who in your community lives where, to receiving promotions, information updates and a whole lot more. It’s now all at arms length.

As for Operations, Admin or IT staff; we’ve made their daily lives much easier too.

Behind the scenes they have access to a hub dashboard that manages, monitors & maintains all the interfaces. From the real-time posting of private or public messages, to changing apartment door names or even letter box naming; iIt’s all managed from the hub dashboard, whether located on or off-site.

Management can choose to also incorporate relevant and even targeted advertising onto any of the interfaces. Beneficiaries could be local business getting visible access to the residents, while also providing an advertising income to the building management or association as a way of supporting costs. This in turn can reduce resident maintenance fees, rent or memberships costs. A win win for all.

Using 20+years of experience, we’ve developed not just the software behind the hub, but also exceptionally robust high grade Touch Screen terminals, kiosks and digital signage, normally used for Industry where reliability demands them operating 24/7/365. Conditions that normal tablets are simply not designed for.

To make it all easy and fun to use, our colour screens are not just what we call ‘tap n type’ but are screens that can also be pinched, squeezed or even swiped. Easy not just for the younger generation but also caring to senior users whose hand movements may be less flexible.

In conclusion, the motivation for using Affinium is to provide end users with a modern combination of personalised or public interfaces with real-time info as well as useful services, while simultaneously providing your staff, management and shareholders with value, income and time saving benefits.

Whether you’re from a Management (FM) company, a solution reseller, resident association, sports clubs or campus, let us know what you want out of Affinium.

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