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Hopefully you will appreciate that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we must take certain measures to prioritise and protect our employees wellbeing. That includes allowing for unforeseen quarantining, the splitting of shifts or employees working from home. So far we have managed to cope very well, however we are now experiencing similar consequences with other 3rd party partners who are involved in the parts supply and production or delivery of our products.
A result of this is that our supply of components, our production capacity and finally, the usually short delivery times are now being effected. Add to this the public’s trend of Christmas shopping shifting to ‘online’ and we are seeing an added strain on our shipper’s delivery times.

Despite the above, please rest assured that everything is being done to continue the smooth flow of product deliveries and support.
Hopefully the availability of vaccines will soon improve the situation, but in case your delivery suffers from a delay we ask you to please remain patient and stay in touch with your contact here at Brightec Time for questions of production, support, warranty and delivery information. Many thanks.
Stay safe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.