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UC; Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency, have awarded the Brightec Group; including its subsidiaries – Brightec Time, Brightec Security & Brightec Production – the Level 4 and Silver Seal of accreditation.

This provides a credit assessment rating of upto 99,76% placing the Brightec Group companies in the second lowest risk level of insolvency. This risk class scaling, used for all Swedish companies, is from 1 to 5, with 5 denoting the lowest risk of insolvency.

“In times of such uncertainty it’s an expression of confidence to have such trust placed in our Group. This certification is not only highly relevant for our Nordic customers but also a valuable sign of faith for our partners in the EU, UK, Americas or elsewhere”
said Theresa Boman. CEO Brightec Group

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*UC is part of the Nordic knowledge company Enento Group, which had a net sales of 146 MEUR in 2019, and 420 employees in eight locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.