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The alternative today, whether for private or business, is a sleek, flat and almost buttonless product giving access to an abundance of both social but also a wealth of business applications. Even if we just want to browse for anything, we simply open up a browser to tap and type or maybe even ‘swipe’.

All technically very complex but for most of us it’s just taken for granted how functional touch screen navigation is.

Meanwhile, the trend for screens is to get bigger, more pixels, clearer colours and improved responsive capacitive touch-screen technology. This is no different to what’s happening with Time & Attendance terminals.

Sure, keypad versions still have some uses, but let’s face it, as with mobile phones or tablets, the advantages of using a touch screen far outweigh keypads.

If designed and calibrated to the highest of standards then touch screen flexibility with the right solution software is unparalleled.

From a terminal point of view, employees can still check-in using a code, swipe card, RFID or biometric identification, but with your chosen web/cloud based software at their fingertips imagine the additional possibilities for a mass of
two way communication between the employee and their Workforce Management, department or shift managers.
Envision checking-in and receiving messages about the days tasks. Alternatively, using a virtual or physical keyboard, leave a message or shift report for a colleague or the next shift-leader.

Arriving at work, the Terminal can clearly show today’s schedule, or tomorrows or even next months calendar. Your employees can see how many holidays they’ve left, make a day-off request, register for a holiday or even ‘shift a shift’. Responding to that and more, HR can use the terminal to individually and communicate between each other.

Another terminal option is being able to see if colleagues are in, out for lunch or have left for the day.

More natural than using a keypad.

So to get the ultimate experience of real time data and this bilateral communication, we recommend the combination using touch screen terminals connected to your choice of client, WFM/HCM web or cloud solution. That way your HR, Operations & Finance management gets the optimal support it needs.
At the time of writing we have approx 200,000 daily terminal users, so whether you’re a solution provider, distributor, installer or business user, feel free to drop us a line and ask any question; even about our optional terminal sobriety testing. more info here

Dan Persson
Design & Verification.
Brightec Time