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usercase1It’s not uncommon to be asked for a user case in reply to which it could be tempting to show-off how users STILL use our products after 10, 12 years or more, how an attractive ROI they provide, or the 20+ years of experience we have in producing them…….but we won’t.

Of course we are proud of the above, but perhaps more meaningful examples are what we do that’s above and beyond producing terminals, in particular how we support both the end customer AND our Workforce Management partner with a more personalised solution, tailored functionality and individual customisation.

One such example involves two Nordic blue chip enterprises; the end customer being a pan nordic retail and online seller of consumer electronics, the other a multinational Workforce Management solution provider.

Custom integrations

During the site survey and installation phase, the end customer requested Brightec Time to make custom integrations within our Terminals Time & Attendance application (called “Klocka”) including amongst others, the following features:


  • As employees worked their shifts, to then meet seasonal demand and the spreading into overtime periods past midnight, a clocking-out solution was needed to account for the out-of-shift time discrepancy, calendar date crossover and the additional pay band the overtime incurred. Additionally the end customer also employed short term temporary workers or consultants who had no designated shifts so for them a solution was created allowing for punching-in/out despite there being no pre-allocated shift.
  • While not all employees were required to punch-in and out of breaks, a select number from one particular department were and so code was written to recognise the individual employees ID and therefore reflect the breaks taken when calculating their payroll.
  • It was also pointed out that employees occasionally mislaid or forgot their ID & Access (RFID) cards. This caused friction between the employee and HR/Payroll as no accurate record could be relied on to calculate the monthly pay. Therefore, as each employee had a unique ID number, software was programmed to allow for terminal punching-in using the ID PIN number as an alternative punch.
  • The end customer also requested a customised number of specific absence codes which their employees could choose from at every point of engagement with the terminal. These unique codes proved to be extremely useful for the customers HR and Payroll Management giving a far deeper insight into the absence deviations and non-attendance justifications. In turn that feeds into the data algorithms generating improved scheduling and planning.

Including valuable touch-points

Ultimately what this demonstrates is that Brightec Time are able to listen to the customer, understand their needs, react and add value to the complete WFM providers solution. That value being an enhancement of basic Time and Attendance functionality making sure the employee (whether full or part-time) receives their correct and fair salary, while for the employer they can rely on the terminal in producing critical real-time payroll data generated from multiple terminals across multiple sites

When the clocking-in and -out is aligned with particular jobs, projects, tasks or shifts, the WFM ai can compare, monitor and evaluate a whole range of targets and employee efficiency providing valuable improvements, future planning and scheduling that otherwise would have never been realised.

So not only is the terminal being used for its original intended purpose but it’s become another employee touch-point optimising and expanding the value of the WFM providers solution.

Relieving the burden on developers

By taking advantage of Brightec Time and it’s ‘Klocka’ application, it’s relieved the burden on the WFM providers own team from developing not just Terminal hardware (think hardware engineering, component sourcing, production, calibration, stocking & logistics) but also the complete Time & Attendance software.

Those developers can focus on what they do best ie: creating new features, providing updates and being able to support their own inhouse WFM modules.
In conclusion, Brightec Time isn’t simply about just producing smart hardware, but about understanding who needs what, finding a solution and then applying it to support everyone in the chain.

Next step

If you’re a business yet to deploy a cloud workforce management solution or you’re a WFM provider missing the benefits of an understanding terminal partner – feel free to contact us today.

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